Promoting partnership working in the NHS

Priority Areas

The SPF is supporting the NHS to deliver workforce priorities.


Busy Crowd SmallCOVID-19The current COVID-19 situation poses enormous challenges for the NHS workforce. The SPF will continue to come together to support and inform each other, to ensure quick decisions can be made for the benefit of everyone.

Tackling Bully NHS SPFCreating a culture of civility, compassion & respect - The SPF encourages NHS employers to work in partnership with their trade union representatives, to build positive workplace cultures where negative behaviour, bullying and harassment is addressed effectively.


NHSE130458Violence reduction - The Creating a Culture of Safety subgroup was set up in 2019 to support NHS England and NHS Improvement in the development of the NHS violence reduction strategy.


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Health and Wellbeing - To deliver high quality patient care, the NHS needs staff that are healthy, well and at work. Looking after the health and wellbeing of staff directly contributes to the delivery of quality patient care. 



Raising Concerns (whistleblowing) - Find out about ways in which staff can be encouraged and supported to raise concerns and how this information can be used to improve services and patient care.



Supporting system change - The SPF is supporting effective partnership working in system transformation.




The SPF Staff Transfer Guide - is an online resource designed to support staff who are facing transfer to providers of NHS funded services in England.



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NHS Staff Survey is the single biggest staff engagement exercise for the NHS. It demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the importance of listening and acting on the views of staff.



Nhs ConstitutionNHS Constitution - The SPF remains committed to the aims set out in the NHS Constitution to improve patient care through positive staff engagement.



Flu Fighters

Healthcare workers flu vaccination - The SPF encourages a partnership approach to increase the uptake of the flu vaccination by NHS staff.



Learning For Life

Learning for Life - Access useful resources from the Learning for Life campaign, which aimed to increase workplace learning.



Generic Staff Spf 83X69Mid Staffs Inquiry - SPF response - The SPF responded to the findings and recommendations of the Francis Report.