Promoting partnership working in the NHS

Blue Route - You are employed in the NHS transferring to an independent provider*

The legal details

For the purposes of this Guide it is assumed that compulsory transfers will fall within the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment regulations 2006 (TUPE) definition of a 'relevant transfer'. This means that TUPE would apply and employment contracts would transfer from one employer to the other without any change to terms and conditions, and without a break in continuity of service. For more detail on the application of TUPE see our resource library web page.

It is expected that there will be appropriate engagement and consultation with staff / staff representatives before any potential transfer takes place, regardless of which body you move to or from.

(*this includes private sector companies, charities, not for profit organisations, and social enterprises).

How will I be affected by my transfer?

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Pay and terms and conditions
Injury Allowance
Staff engagement and partnership working
Education and training
HR policies and practices