Promoting partnership working in the NHS

Wider Group key comms 22 April

This Wider Group meeting was the first to welcome Helen Whately, a member of parliament for health and social care and the ministerial chair of the SPF. Helen expressed her ambitions to make the NHS a truly great place to work, as well as support for the partnership working approach supported by the SPF. 

Partners reflected on the Personal Protective Equipment briefing held on April 21, specifically how it had highlighted the value in frank and honest communication between COVID-19 response leads and trade unions.

Andrew Saffron, Chief of Staff, Nightingale Hospitals Programme, NHSEI updated on the establishment of the Nightingale hospitals, and regional partners gave perspective from individual hospitals. There was also an update on accessibility to testing from Kathy Hall (DHSC) and Professor John Newton (PHE).

The group discussed the apparent disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities, with trade unions requesting to be involved in national conversations around this.

Read the key comms from the meeting here.