Promoting partnership working in the NHS

Case Studies

Working in collaboration brings new opportunities and benefits for NHS trusts and partners.

NHS chief executives, managers and staff representatives who have taken a partnership approach believe the benefits and opportunities they provide are immeasurable. With partnership, all parts of an organisation can come together to meet challenges, and pull together to meet agreed goals.

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We are keen to include examples of good partnership working from regional and local SPFs on our website. If you have examples of good practice or case studies that you think would be useful to share with SPF colleagues, please send details in an email marked ‘good practice’ to:

Following incidences of racist abuse at North Bristol NHS Trust, a campaign was developed in partnership to engage staff with current policy, resulting in increased reporting and higher levels of staff confidence in anti-racism processes.

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Read how employers and Trade Unions at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust worked in partnership to develop workshops to help staff gain a better awareness and understanding of dementia.

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