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London Partnership Conference 2017 - Healthy partnerships for a healthy NHS

The London SPF had their 6th annual conference at UNISON headquarters in Euston, Healthy partnerships for a healthy NHS. Chaired by Deb O’Dea, chair of the London HRD network, and hosted by UNISON, the conference looked in particular at bullying, harrassment and wellbeing, as well as the developing London landscape of STPs and the Five Year Forward View.

The keynote speaker was Dame Carol Black and presentations were headed by Danny Mortimer of NHS Employers and Christina McAnea of UNISON, speaking on behalf of employers and unions nationally about common challenges. Dame Jacqueline Docherty gave a CEOs perspective and other speakers and experts in their field shared their knowledge with delegates, having the opportunity for some table work to discuss partnership agreements and where they had worked well locally. Delegates also had the opportunity to see examples of best practice from local trusts who showcased their projects.  

Approximately 80 delegates attended the event with a good mix of local staff side representatives and employer colleagues from across London organisations.

London SPF Christina

Key speakers included

  • Workplace health and wellbeing - an update - Dame Carol Black, Expert Adviser on Health and Work NHSE and Public Health England.  
  • Tackling bullying call to action - Jon Restell, Chief Executive, Managers in Partnership.  
  • Building resilience: Making a healthy partnership with ourselves - Dr Philip Hopley MBBS (Dist) MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist and Managing Director, Cognacity, London. 
  • Guardian of safe working hours for junior doctors - Dr Glynn Evans, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.
  • The London landscape and panel discussion: system changes and challenges - Helen Bullers, Regional Director of People and Organisational Development (London), NHS England.
  • Phil Thompson, UNISON, London Health Unions, Co-Chair, London Social Partnership Forum.
  • Mathew Kendall, Adult and Communities Director, London Borough of Barnet/ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) Workforce Lead.  
  • National SPF priorities - Christina McAnea, National Secretary, Healthcare UNISON/staffside chair, National SPF.  
  • National workforce perspectives - Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive, NHS Employers.
  • A CEO perspective - Dame Jacqueline Docherty, Chief Executive, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.  

There were breakout sessions showcasing local and pan London examples of best practice

  • Learn more about the London healthy workplace charter - The London healthy workplace charter team.
  • Where do you draw the line - University College London Hospital.
  • Staff health and wellbeing at the Royal Free Hospital - The Royal Free Hospital.
  • Staff health and wellbeing at South London and the Maudsley Hospital- South London and the Maudsley Hospital. 

 Londonconf 2

Speaker presentations can be viewed below

Dame Carol Black 

Dr Philip Hopley

Helen Bullers

Mathew Kendall

Dame Jacqueline Docherty

Breakout session presentations can be viewed below

The London healthy workplace charter team

South London and the Maudsley Hospital

The Royal Free Hospital 






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