Promoting partnership working in the NHS

Event: “Realising the Healthy Workplace Charter in London’s NHS 2015”

Committee Room, 5 City Hall, The Queen's Walk London SE1 2AA

23rd November 2015

The health and wellbeing subgroup is a subgroup of the London Social Partnership Forum. The overarching purpose of this group is to assist in the improvement of the health and wellbeing of the London NHS workforce, both physically and mentally. The group have representation from human resources, occupational health, trade unions and subject matter experts from across the health and local authorities of the capital. Each year the health and wellbeing subgroup focuses on achieving a real change in London around key issues and this year have decided to support London trusts to adopt the “London Healthy Workplace Charter” a self-assessment framework, endorsed by the Mayor of London that recognises and rewards employers for investing in workplace health and wellbeing. The aim of this event was to increase uptake of the charter by NHS trusts.

Barts Health and Danone, both of whom have have reached achievement level in the charter shared their journey and the afternoon session focused on developing plans to take the initiative forward. The British Heart Foundation supplied valuable information about the free resources they have available to help organisations. The event was well attended by 70 delegates to include health and wellbeing leads and staffside reps, feedback forms indicate an increase in knowledge of the charter and the value of sharing good practice.

Follow up with all attendees to encourage them to sign up for the charter and to test the success of the event by the number of organisations signing up. The possibility of another event specifically for CCGs. 


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