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Blue Route - Your pay terms and conditions

The vast majority of staff employed by NHS organisations receive NHS or equivalent pay, terms and conditions. Terms and conditions include such details as holidays, sick leave and contractual redundancy benefits. For staff directly employed by NHS organisations these are set out in the NHS terms and conditions handbook and for NHS employed medical and dental staff in their relevant terms and conditions of service.

These documents may cover more than contractual terms and conditions issues, and therefore they may not all automatically transfer under TUPE - the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006. Please contact your HR department or trade union representative for further advice.

How will my transfer affect my pay and terms and conditions?

If you are transferred under TUPE to a non NHS organisation which is providing NHS services under a contract your contractual pay and terms and conditions are protected. TUPE protects your existing NHS pay and terms and conditions at the point of transfer, and this can include any pre agreed contractual future entitlements (eg a three year pay deal negotiated pre transfer). This, however, does not cover any future changes to NHS terms and conditions (eg annual pay increases) negotiated after the transfer date, unless there is a specific agreement with your new employer that they will apply.