Promoting partnership working in the NHS

Latest news on building positive workplace cultures in the NHS

In January 2021, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) launched the following: 

Just and learning culture

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has developed online learning modules on establishing a just and learning culture in an organisation. These are free for all of the NHS to use. See the Mersey Care case study for more information and to access the four learning modules.

Tackling bullying and harassment infographic

In August 2020, the NHS Staff Council's Health, Safety and Wellbeing Partnership Group launched an updated version of their infographic to raise awareness of the impact of bullying and what organisations, managers, and individuals can do to tackle it. Access the infographic on the NHS Employers website.

Make or Break: Incivility in the workplace

Incivility in the workplace can have a detrimental effect on staff and patient safety. Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust new video shows how incivility can negatively impact on staff working in the NHS and the positive benefits of active kindness. Watch the video in full. 

NHS Oversight Framework for 2019/20 - published August 2019

In the NHS Oversight Framework for 2019/20, four metrics have been added to the dataset used to identify where providers may need support. These are based on the annual NHS Staff Survey and cover bullying and harassment, teamwork and inclusivity. For more information, see the NHS Improvement website.

Professionalism and cultural transformation (PACT) toolkit

In August 2019, NHS Employers published the PACT toolkit containing practical information, advice and solutions to equip staff to deal with unprofessional attitudes and behaviours in the workplace. To access the toolkit, see the NHS Employers website.

How doctors in senior leadership roles establish and maintain a positive patient-centred culture

The General Medical Council (GMC) published the research report How doctors in senior leadership roles establish and maintain a positive patient-centred culture to gain insight into the experiences and challenges faced by senior doctors in leadership roles. Read the findings on the GMC website.

SPF call to action review report published

In July 2019, Creating a culture of civility, compassion and respect was published. This report sets out the activity carried out by the SPF and partner organisations since the launch of the call to action and SPF priorities for year three.    

Anti-bullying alliance launched  

The SPF is a member of an alliance against bullying, undermining and harassment in the NHS. The alliance aims to ensure all health and care staff are treated with dignity and compassion in the workplace. A document including details of each member of the alliance and information about useful online resources was launched at an event at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on 4 April 2019. An updated version of the document which includes new members of the alliance was made available in October 2019.