Promoting partnership working in the NHS

SPF Strategic Group update - 16 February 2017

At the latest meeting of the SPF Strategic Group on 16 February 2017, Ian Cumming discussed Health Education England (HEE) priorities on nurse bursaries, medical student expansion, and the transition from nurse practitioners to nursing associates. He recognised the contribution trade unions had made, in particular on nursing associate roles, and their key role in improving numeracy and literacy among the workforce. Gavin Larner, Department of Health, discussed the approach to workforce strategy and ongoing engagement with the SPF, Jon Restell updated on tackling bullying in the NHS and the 7 February session he and Danny Mortimer led with ALB Non Executive Directors on this. There were updates from the SPF workshops on Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), apprenticeships (31 January), and the 7-day services subgroup meeting (8 February). It was agreed to reinforce messages to encourage appropriate partnership working with trade unions on the workforce issues arising from the STPs and in the next stages of delivery of the 5 Year Forward View. On apprenticeships, it was agreed that the narrative needs to be about the full range of roles, not just entry level jobs.