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Seen and heard update - Learn how to spot the signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation

Does your job mean you come into contact with children and young people?  It is highly likely that one of them is being abused. You can help by completing the seen and heard training initiative, an  e-learning package and film developed by The Children’s Society and funded by the Department of Health in partnership with NHS England.   

The e-learning package will help you to spot signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and respond so victims are more likely to disclose and get support. The package can be accessed at Seen and Heard, and only takes an hour to complete. A champion’s certificate can be printed out using the code ALASK. Unite the Union have shared a video where a member of the Children’s Society gives more information about the package.

Please consider sharing Seen and Heard with your colleagues, or become a champion yourself, and make a real difference to a child or young person.