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Getting around the SPF website

Getting around the SPF website

To help you get around the SPF website and find the content and news relevant to you we have developed a set of icons which tell you at a glance what each item is about. These icons indicate new events, case studies or when a new document is added to the website. See our key below to find out what each icon refers to.

Award Awards
 Case Study Case studies
 Newsletter SPF Bulletin
 Email Get in touch
 Feedback Invitation to give feedback or publication of feedback already provided
 Events Events 
 Generic Published New guidance or documentation has been published
 Document Updated A document has been recently updated
 Report Published A new report has been published
 Surveys Surveys
 Webpage Updated A webpage has been updated























There is also a calendar on the SPF website which shows activity across the National SPF and its subgroups and the Regional SPFs.

We are keen to hear your thoughts and receive feedback on the site so it can continue to develop and evolve. Therefore we would encourage you to contact us with your views on the website by emailing:

If you have any difficulty finding specific content on the SPF website, please email the SPF enquiries: