Promoting partnership working in the NHS

Culture Change in the NHS – Applying the lessons of the Francis inquiries

'Culture Change in the NHS – Applying the lessons of the Francis inquiries' has been published on 11 February following a statement by the Secretary of State for Health.  

The report sets out the progress made in applying the lessons learned from the failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.  It shows that a great deal has been achieved, and that the improvements made since Sir Robert Francis QC’s Public Inquiry must be sustained and embedded for the future and applied equally and rigorously across all sectors of the health and care system.

Each chapter sets out the main areas where further action is needed to ensure that safe, effective and compassionate care is the norm.

A supporting annex sets out in detail the progress made against the 290 recommendations of the Public Inquiry.

The Department’s Compassionate Care website will feature the report, the update on the 290 recommendations, as well as some first-person reflections from individuals working in health and care who we spoke to about their views of progress from the front line.’